Our history is one that so many hardworking families in California understand too well. It all started with a family driven to succeed and provide for themselves. And our story mirrors that of so many of our customers.

Our founder George chose to take a simple welding class years ago while in his senior year of high school. He not only enjoyed to weld, but he appreciated the opportunity to prove himself and his skills. Ultimately, he was the only student chosen for an entry level position at a local machine shop in Newark, California. By taking on extra projects, staying late to learn, and taking classes to expand his skillset, he rose through the ranks of his shop and eventually his trade. Realizing the future of machining, he enrolled in programming courses to be able to master prototyping and modern production. But personal evolution can only take you so far.

In 2005, as the economy began to shrink, he risked everything for the opportunity to grow. The creation of GC Machining is the story of a man and his family who made that leap of faith with nothing but hard work and a set of skills earned over years of dedicated service.

Now, with a decade of growth and experience, GC Machining creates the components that serve the aerospace, semiconductor, medical, food, and many other industries.

We understand what it takes to produce greatness from idea to production. We deliver the highest quality product with many types of material on time, and on budget.